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Looking to buy the right property in Sydney? A good buyers agent can help

The city of Sydney and its many suburbs offer plenty of units, townhouses, and homes for the savvy buyer. Your buyer’s agent Sydney can help you find housing prices that fit your needs, which will range from $700,000 to $2.3 million in the city for units, townhouses and houses. Bedroom and bathroom counts vary from 1 bedroom/1 bathroom units to houses with 10 bedrooms/ 5 bathrooms. Many units and townhouses have 1 or 2 car garages. Buyers Advocates can help you determine the best price based on location to amenities, parks, and schools.


Sydney has a fluctuating population, which is currently seeing a 2% decrease in interest for the city versus outer suburbs that are more affordable in housing prices. The city saw an increase of 18.4% growth from 2006 to 2011 and is expected to continue rising steadily. In various Sydney suburbs you can expect housing prices to increase based on demand, with high resale potential. The following is a list of the most dynamic suburbs this year:

  • Northern Suburbs
    • Manly
    • Mosman
    • Northbridge
    • Palm Beach
    • Whale Beach
  • Inner-West Suburbs
    • Balmain
    • Rozelle
    • Glebe
    • Newtown
  • Western Suburbs
    • Parramatta
    • Penrith
    • Campbelltown

For those looking to invest and can afford to buy property- Cohen Handler can help with purchases in the city of Sydney and its surrounding suburbs. Buying in the city of Sydney is costly and likely to continue in this trend at least for the next five years. It is an area of real estate to watch since there will be a lower demand for the high priced units. However, other suburbs of Sydney will continue to be affordable with prices rising. To get the most from your home investment buying now is important.

Why use a buyer’s agent:

In an undeniably aggressive market, having a buyer’s agent on your side could be the insider’s secret to a successful property purchase.

With apparently endless cost rises and a contracting property pool, it is becoming progressively harder to ‘purchase well’ in the contemporary Australian market. For some, it is winding up as a matter of ‘purchasing anything’ as opposed to having the capacity to tick off your agenda of must-haves in terms of the property highlights and area of choice.

Keen home buyers are swinging to buyer’s agent not just for the advantages of expert aptitude and transaction but also for access to the ‘shrouded’ property expertise – off-showcase properties that the overall population never observe.

With real estate vendor’s agents working solidly in favor of the seller, buyer’s agents serve to ‘level’ the playing field working exclusively for your benefit to locate the best property and the best transaction and price for what will presumably be the biggest purchase you’ll make in your life.

Time to dump the DIY approach

It doesn’t make a difference in the event that you are a first home purchaser, speculator or seasoned property pro, on the off chance that you are battling with finding the energy, cash and persistence required to locate the correct property for you, it might be the ideal opportunity for you to look for the skill of a buyer’s agent.

You could profit by utilizing a buyer’s advocate in the event that you can tick off a portion of the accompanying:

  • Have been searching for at least a month.
  • Have been beforehand deceived on value guides
  • Are stressed over the focused idea of closeouts
  • Have end of the week responsibilities that contention with investigation times and closeout days
  • Are progressively disappointed with the absence of correspondence from land specialists
  • Have almost no transaction ability
  • Will purchase inside two months
  • Can’t submit sufficient time
  • Are geographically limited.

What Can I Expect From a Buyer’s Agent?

To locate the correct property buying specialist for you, a point by point discussion is important to set up your objectives and prerequisites as well as to guarantee the buyer’s agent that has the correct involvement of purchasing the sort of property you’d like in your target suburb.

It is additionally essential that they are completely mindful of your financial plan and time spans. A decent buyer’s advocate will be forthright in the event that they feel that your desires are not well aligned with market realities and will obviously plot what they see as being sensible for your circumstances. They ought to likewise give customer reviews and talk about their systems with sellers, designers and specialists.

You may get a an idea of their ability by finding out:

  • What number of properties have they purchased in the previous a half year in the region you are looking?
  • What number of properties have they purchased in the previous a half year at the value point you look for?
  • Are there some other expenses they acknowledge other than your charge?
  • On the off chance that yes, does this upset an autonomous pursuit to your greatest advantage?

While buyer’s agents are a customary piece of the property business in the United States, in Australian they are as yet a relatively new idea. All things considered it is imperative that you do your vetting on any organization or buyer’s agent you are occupied with enlisting on your behalf.

10 Reasons Why You Should Use a Buyer’s Agent

These are some of the ways a buyer’s agent can particularly assist you with your property purchasing objectives:

  • Learning of more properties from a wide assortment of sources (not simply freely accessible online postings)
  • Access to off-market and unlisted properties
  • Additional time and assets given to inquiring about your market
  • Someone on your side who is seeing properties day in day out for years, may already know where to find your perfect home
  • Industry learning and aptitude
  • Experience of pressure and tactics from the purchasing procedure
  • Set up associations with agents and industry experience that are utilized to work for you
  • Solid transaction experience
  • Exhortation and direction on dangers and the open doors associated with property purchasing.

Purchasing a property can be an enthusiastic and upsetting procedure, particularly in the event that you are quick to purchase in the exceedingly focused markets of Australia’s capital urban areas. Purchaser’s operators have the aptitude and abilities to make purchasing property – whether private, venture or business – a significantly less demanding and smoother encounter.




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