Do you keep missing out at auctions?

Buying property is  stressful enough on it’s own – you don’t want to add the pain of trying to negotiate a successful outcome at an auction to that.

You may be experiencing the pain of trying to buy at auction due to any of the following:

  • You’ve missed out at auctions several times as the actual selling price is way over the price guide
  • You’ve put in offers on property but you’ve had them knocked back as the agent hasn’t taken your bid seriously
  • You’re concerned about bidding at auction – as you feel that you could get carried away and pay more then the real value of the property

How can we help you be successful at auction?

St George Bank reports that 62 per cent of people head into the auction room without a clear strategy in mind, and this translates into 56.8 per cent of people missing out on the property they want. The primary reason for this, that 55.4 per cent of people admit to, is being outbid.

At auction, it can be an intense time. The home you’re looking at buying comes onto the lot and all of a sudden you’re up against a number of other bidders who all want the same patch of real estate. Some might be more experienced, or have more money to throw around, and this can put pressure on your price ceiling.

Bidding emotionally is one of the key mistakes Domain Group lists at auction that can cause buyers to spend far too much on a home, and pressure is something that contributes to throwing your hand up at a price you can’t afford, or one the home isn’t even worth. Don’t get fooled into bidding when you shouldn’t – instead, let a buyer’s agent take the reins and set you up for success.

A specialist buyer’s agent from Cohen Handler is experienced in the art of auction room bidding wars, and so will know exactly when to bid, how much to up your offers by and how long to wait to play the room. There can be a lot of pain in bidding and missing out at auction, and Cohen Handler has the solutions to get you into the house you want straight out of the auction room.

If you keep missing out at auction, a buyer’s agent from Cohen Handler will be a great resource to set your strategy in the right direction and help you secure your next property.

How we can help:

  • Years of experience buying property – several hundred transactions worth of negotiating skills and a long-term relationship with real estate selling agents – it leaves you in the driver’s seat and well protected from any form of underquoting.
  • Access to off-market property – due to our extensive networks and strong brand, we gain access to properties that are not listed in any website – increasing your chances of finding the right property
  • Ability to negotiate and close a deal – pre-auction or pre-market – due to our years of experience and reputation in the industry, our agents will find and close the deal for you as quickly as possible, at the best price possible
  • We are on your side – so we will only look after your interests, ensuring that you get the property that fits your brief and budget

All of these mean that we can save you time and money in your property purchase, ensuring that the auction process works in your favor.

Contact us if you’d like book a call or set up an appointment with a Cohen Handler Buyer’s agent and get the right property at the right price.


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