Is your property purchase held back due to lack of time?

Buying property takes a significant investment of time and effort, you can’t just walk down to the shops to snap up. There could be many reasons why time is hard to find:

  • You are a busy working professional and your calendar is packed with appointments and events
  • You are young couple, with a newborn or a baby on the way – and you need to find the right home soon
  • You have a full busy life, and don’t want to spend weekends looking at property – away from the family
  • You live overseas or in a different city or suburb from where you wish to purchase, so inspecting property is really a bridge too far

If you want to buy a property of your own, and you don’t have enough time available to do the right amount of research? You could also be held back by lack of time to property inspections – on weekends, and going through all the steps and inspections and paperwork that need to be completed before you even put in a bid on a property you like

How can we help you with your purchase?

This is where a specialist buyer’s agent from Cohen Handler can help you get the right property at the right price. With years of experience on the market and hundreds of properties bought in short periods of time means we have the know-how and market nous to help you in any way you need.

How we can help:

  • Years of experience buying property – which means that we can quickly filter out the properties that don’t meet your needs, and shortlist the best ones that are a match for you
  • Access to off-market property – due to our extensive networks and strong brand, we gain access to properties that are not listed in any website – increasing your chances of finding the right property
  • Ability to negotiate and close a deal – pre-auction – due to our years of experience and reputation in the industry, our agents will find and close the deal for you as quickly as possible, at the best price possible.

All of these mean that we can save you time and money in your property purchase.

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