Are you an investor who wants to build a portfolio?

Investing in property is a brilliant goal. The housing market isn’t subject to the same kind of extreme fluctuations as stocks and shares can be, and they often aren’t as reactive in their changes of value. Usually with strong population growth and good fundamentals, investing in property can provide access to strong gains. However investing in property has it’s challenges as well, and you could be held back by any of the following:

  • Lack of knowledge on the right suburb and property combination
  • Lack of time to inspect several properties, especially in a suburb far away from you
  • Lack of experience with managing a property and getting the right rental returns
  • First time investing in property and you need some guidance on the best way to do it
  • Lack of access to quality property that will give you returns in the long term

How can we help you with your investment property portfolio?

A buyer’s agent from Cohen Handler can give you more in-depth advice about getting into the best property for investment purposes than you could poke a stick at. Unlock their wealth of information for yourself, and start your property buying journey on the right foot.

  • Experience with building portfolios and guiding others on building investment porfololios, all our buyer’s agents have been buying property for years, and know the best way to guide you to great returns
  • Years of experience buying property based on yield and hard data – which means that we can quickly filter out the properties that don’t meet your needs, and shortlist the best ones that are a match for you
  • Access to off-market property – due to our extensive networks and strong brand, we gain access to properties that are not listed in any website – increasing your chances of finding the right property
  • Ability to negotiate and close a deal – pre-auction – due to our years of experience and reputation in the industry, our agents will find and close the deal for you as quickly as possible, at the best price possible
  • Access to property management – our property management team will make sure that your investment property gets the best returns over the long term.

All of these mean that we can save you time and money in your property purchase.

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