The Rise of the Granny Flat

Granny flats are increasing in popularity due to their worth as a high yielding cash cow and as a smart way to enter the investment market. Thanks to government policy reviews, we have seen a building frenzy of granny flats across the nation due to increased demand and changing demographics. Driven mainly by soaring property

Gazumping 101 – Understanding the Art of Offer and Acceptance

You’ve just made what you think is a great offer on your dream house but then it is sold to someone else at a higher price. You’ve just been gazumped. Find out how you can stop this from happening next time you buy property. ‘Gazumping’– it may sound like something fun from a Dr Seuss

Fancy New Changes to Conveyancing Legislation in NSW

The new Conveyancing (Sale of Land) Regulation 2017 introduces changes affecting contracts for land and residential property purchases in New South Wales – it now includes a warning on loose-fill asbestos as well as some other additions which will be useful to the buyer.* They have repealed the Conveyancing (Sale of Land) Regulation 2010 and removed

Does Size Matter?

From soaring house prices to increased energy costs, there are many factors driving the change towards a smaller sized property. In Australia living in compact housing is becoming increasingly popular due to the demographic makeup and lifestyle expectations. Traditionally, Australians have loved their big houses and the sizeable yard to have ‘somewhere for the kids

How to Lower Your Vacancy Rates

Putting some effort into attracting and keeping good tenants is crucial to your financial security and will pay off for you and your investment property in the long-term.   Having good tenants is a real asset and when you find them you want to do everything possible to keep them. For investors the good news

Time to Review Fire Compliance Measures

The recent Grenfell tragedy in London, has thrown a spotlight on safety with new buyers and existing owners of apartment blocks urged to fully scrutinise their building’s fire compliance measures. * In the wake of the catastrophic fire at the Grenfell 24-storey apartment building in West London, calls are naturally out for greater safety measures

How Easements Affect a Property Development

An easement gives the right to cross or otherwise use a portion of someone else’s land. Why is this important for developers or property buyers? Well, sometimes it can adversely affect a peaceful living arrangement or prevent a project from moving forward. An easement gives someone the right to use a section of land for

Important Things to Consider Before You Start Renovating

Keen to renovate? Before you pick up that sledgehammer, you might like to consider our pre-renovation checklist to ensure you have all the boxes ticked and the right plans in place to ensure a successful outcome. Renovating your house, whether it is a one room refurb or a more extensive remodelling is not something to

What’s our mid-year forecast for the Melbourne property market?

We look at the current Melbourne market and give our insights into this fastest growing city’s latest property trends.   Population Growth Melbourne’s population is booming. Recent figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics found that Melbourne had the largest and fastest growth of all the capital cities with its population climbing 107,800 to 4.64

Why is Investing in Property a Great Long-Term Bet?

It’s no secret that when it comes to investing, Aussies generally seem to favour bricks and mortar over other asset classes, preferring its stability and long-term growth potential. The recently released 2016 Census results confirmed that there is a big shift in the number of people renting with nearly 31 per cent of Australians falling

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