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Throughout the Australian economy, the boom in digital business technologies has empowered customers, made long-established businesses bankrupt and given online-only competitors the upper hand. The vast majority of change has come from the internet, the cloud, mobile applications and social media. These changes have both made life easier and harder for businesses. Here at Cohen

First home buyers take action to beat investors

 Cohen Handler’s Managing Director, Simon Cohen chats to the Sydney Morning Herald about how first home buyers can get ahead in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Check out what Simon and first home buyer, Adam Parsons, have to say here: http://smh.domain.com.au/real-estate-news/first-home-buyers-take-action-to-beat-investors-20141004-10pig1.html  

Mobility “like a drug”: Interview with Ben Handler

Insights from Ben Handler, co-founder and CEO of  Cohen Handler,  from his organisation’s experience of implementing mobility tools.  In this Interview, Ben Handler discusses the client service and collaboration benefits that accrued, and advises other businesses to get on the mobility train before it leaves the station.    View full interview at: www.zdnet.com  

CohenHandler featured on cover page of Domain on 19 February 2010

Seller beware as buyer’s agents level playing field Lucy Macken February 19, 2011 Done deal … Carol Alexander with buyer’s agent Ben Handler Photo: Marco Del Grande More and more buyers are getting professionals to act on their behalf. Once upon a time, a house sale involved a “for sale” sign and a price. If

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