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In any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth, or to step back into safety.

Cohen Handler works for its associates via an agent centric model. We consider every one as business owners, we help our people learn to run and manage businesses. Everything we do at Cohen Handler has a very clear objective, how do we best support and service our associates.

Business should be meaningful and have purpose, infused with all round excellence. Our culture encourages the team to commit to self mastery that naturally improves both business and life skills.

Careers at Cohen Handler

Business Development Management

Cohen Handler is looking for a strong minded, determined individual who is able to identify, develop and secure a set of new corporate partnerships.

This role will require your full level of drive and motivation to identify prospects, infiltrate medium and large businesses, to build rapport with decision makers and develop mutually rewarding partnerships.

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Marketing & Design intern

A great opportunity to start your career in Marketing with ongoing development from an experience and dynamic Marketing team. We focus on building your opportunities and the necessary knowledge to drive organisational results.

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