How Can Property Investors Work Out How Much They Can Borrow?

In the wake of the APRA’s 2017 regulation changes, investors may wonder how much they can borrow. It’s a difficult question to answer. This article examines the techniques used to find out. Plus, it looks at some tips for increasing your borrowing power. The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) has made 2017 a tough one

How the APRA’s Guideline Tightening Affects Residential Home Buyers

In March 2017, the APRA placed restrictions on interest-only loans. These restrictions will primarily affect investors. But they have some knock-on effects for residential home buyers. Some argue that there’s a housing issue in Australia. The rate of property price increases, particularly in the major cities, has led to many people struggling. Residential home buyers

The APRA’s Tightened Guidelines (And How It May Affect Property Investors)

With its strong property market, Australia has always been a popular choice for property investors. However, some recent regulatory changes have made things a little more difficult. This article examines the APRA’s recent changes and what they mean for investors. Those looking to prepare for their retirements often turn to property investment. One of the

The Essential Guide to Helping Your Children to Buy Property

We all want what’s best for our children. This extends to the properties that they end up buying. As a parent, there’s plenty of ways you can help with buying a property for your children. This article offers some tips to help you out. Your children are your pride and joy. Like any parent, you

10 Critical Mistakes You Must Avoid When Choosing a Property Location

How much thought do you put into choosing a property location? If you don’t research the location properly, you’re prone to making some crucial property location mistakes. These are 10 that often trip up novice property investors and first-time buyers. Location is the most important thing to consider when buying a property. It’s a mantra

Everything You Need to Know About Capital Growth

You have to make a choice when you invest in property. Do you invest to generate a regular yield? Or, do you invest for capital growth? This article tells you everything that you need to know about investing for capital growth. Every property investor asks themselves the same thing before they get into the market.

The Powerful Reasons Why Property Investing Works

Why is property a great investment? There are all sorts of reasons why you may choose property over other investment types. This article examines some of the best reasons to invest in property. So, you’ve built up a little nest egg and you’re wondering what you should do with it. Some may choose to just

Pet-Proofing Your House: The Essential Tips

Most pet owners ask themselves “how do I find pet-friendly houses?” But finding a pet-friendly house is just the first step. You also need some tips on pet-proofing your house. Your pet is your most faithful companion. For most of us, the thought of giving up a pet to buy or rent a property is

Property Yield vs Capital Growth: Which is Better?

Should I invest for growth or yield when buying property? It’s an important question that every property investor must answer. Here we look at the pros and cons of each tactic. Heading into property investment without a strategy is one of the biggest mistakes that you can make. You need to know about the type

Discover the Powerful Benefits of Buying Off-Market Property

Buying property comes with a range of different pitfalls. Sometimes, buying off-market property helps you to avoid those pitfalls. This article covers some of the benefits of buying off-market property. Think about all of the hassle that you have to deal with whenever you buy a property. If you go the traditional route, you have

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