Buying Sight Unseen – The Big Risks

That Low Price May Hide Some Nasty Surprises A lot of investors find success when they buy properties sight unseen. Even so, there’s a lot of risk attached. A buyer’s agents in the Eastern Suburbs, North Shore or Inner West can help. Even so, you’ll always have some unknown factors to deal with when buying

Getting That Deposit – Five Saving Strategies

Your Health Insurance Could Be the Key You need to put together a deposit before you start thinking about your auction bidding tactics. Without a deposit, you’ll find few sellers willing to deal with you. Most lenders will also refuse to offer loans to those who haven’t saved any money. That makes saving a deposit

Five Property Negotiation Tactics

Work with a Buyer’s Agent in Melbourne to Take Advantage of These Tactics Many first-time property buyers struggle with the idea of negotiating. You may want to get the process done as quickly as possible, but a buyer’s agent in Melbourne could secure a lower price on the property. That makes negotiation a key part

Strata verses Airbnb

With Airbnb’s growing fan base, it is time for strata groups to analyse their options, and the scope of their jurisdiction, to ensure that strata living remains peaceful for everyone.  We explore the regulatory instruments being used to address issues such as property damage and noise from short-term stayers. Since its Australian launch in November

Gazumping 101 – Understanding the Art of Offer and Acceptance

You’ve just made what you think is a great offer on your dream house but then it is sold to someone else at a higher price. You’ve just been gazumped. Find out how you can stop this from happening next time you buy property. ‘Gazumping’– it may sound like something fun from a Dr Seuss

The Hidden Costs of Owning a Home

You Need to Think About More than the Purchase Price Did you know that the hidden costs of home ownership will cost you thousands of dollars? It’s true. The more your property is worth, the more you have to pay in fees. These costs even go beyond the property buyer’s agent fees. I want to

Fancy New Changes to Conveyancing Legislation in NSW

The new Conveyancing (Sale of Land) Regulation 2017 introduces changes affecting contracts for land and residential property purchases in New South Wales – it now includes a warning on loose-fill asbestos as well as some other additions which will be useful to the buyer.* They have repealed the Conveyancing (Sale of Land) Regulation 2010 and removed

Things to Do Before Making an Offer On A Property

1. Examining What You Need to Know Before You Make Your Offer So, you think you’ve found the perfect property and you’re ready to buy it? Your buyer’s agent in Melbourne can offer plenty of advice, but there are a few more steps to take before making your offer. It involves a lot more than sending

Things to Remember When Buying Your First Home

Get it Right First Time with these Great Tips Buying a home is a scary process. First timers, in particular, can get lost in a sea of paperwork. Working with a good buyer’s agent in Sydney can help. Even so, there are some things that may trip you up. So, what do you need to

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