The first-world property problem

Traditionally, spring is the busiest time of year for both buyer’s and vendors, however, this September we have seen a lack of buying options. Whilst there is an acute shortage of stock available for sale, the issue of the tight high-end rental market has intensified, said Simon Cohen, of Cohen Handler buyer’s agency, which bought

Savvy buyers nab Sydney bargains

Despite low stock levels and increasing prices, buyer’s are nabbing properties hundreds of thousands of dollars below the asking price, beating the odds in some of Sydney’s top suburbs. Managing Director Simon Cohen reveals Cohen Handler buyer’s agents negotiate discounts of 10% or more for their clients. “There are some sellers that are in la-la land

3 hidden costs of buying a home

Buying a home is a complex and lengthy process. Before you start searching, discover three of the most unexpected costs when buying property. 

Simon Cohen Interviewed on Sky News

Simon Cohen joined Sky News to provide his opinion on business success, specifically talking about his own success alongside co-founder Ben Handler in founding Cohen Handler. Starting Cohen Handler with $5,000 dollars, Simon and Ben worked from the ground up. Beginning as a real estate agent, Simon saw a gap in the market and the

Modern renovations you need to make

Will the wiring in your home prevent you from modernising in the way you want? What about the size of your front door frame? Find the right home for your needs.

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