Make Your Equity Work For You

Equity is as good if not better than real money when it comes to purchasing property. Instead of daydreaming about winning millions through lotto with the odds squarely stacked against you, more Australians could be putting the equity that’s lying dormant in their own home to good use. It’s definitely a neglected goldmine and one

Recipe for Property Investment Success

Whether we are being held back by fear or lifestyle choices, more Australians should be considering investing in a property portfolio to secure their financial future. It wouldn’t be a huge assumption to say that most of us would retire as early as possible if we had the chance. So why aren’t more Australians investing

8 Reasons Why Christmas is the Best Time to Buy

Don’t wait until late January like everyone else to start looking for property. This December take advantage of less competition to grab yourself a great property at a bargain price. As if we are not busy enough during the year, December comes along with the mad whirl of parties, shopping for presents, preparing family lunches

Number of Properties for Sale Increases as Weather Warms

As the weather heats up, industry analysts are reporting that the number of properties for sale is climbing in some capital cities including Sydney and Brisbane.  Typically as Spring arrives, the number of properties advertised for sale increases with vendors and sellers hitting the market with renewed enthusiasm as the weather warms. According to CoreLogic,

Why Art Deco?

Art Deco apartments dotted across Sydney’s eastern suburbs remain a popular residential and investment choice, especially for those buyers looking for a classic property packed with timeless appeal and character. The term Art Deco wasn’t really coined until the 1960s but it is derived from the Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes (International Exhibition of

Are You Thinking About Buying in LA?

With housing prices in our capital cities remaining high, more Australian buyers are keen to dip a property toehold in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles.   So we all know what a million dollars will get you in the inner city suburbs of Sydney…and it’s not terribly impressive. According to the recent Demographia International

Owning the Title of Property Investor

Investing in property should be a long-term commitment and treated just as seriously as your career in order to successfully create independent wealth. It’s a well-known fact that most property investors (around 70 percent) don’t make it past buying just the one property. Unfortunately, a portfolio of one or two properties is not going to

The generational wealth gap and how property has contributed to the conundrum

While soaring property prices contribute to the rapidly growing wealth of older Australians, Millennials remain hopeful of one day owning a house. Latest Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) figures indicate that the wealth gap between older Australians and the younger generation is widening and the high price of property is a major contributing factor. In

Simon Cohen lifts the lid on Prestige Property

With a focus on high-end decor, huge rooms and impressive frontages, Australia’s prestige property market is often viewed purely through the glamour of the homes themselves. But there is a different side to the industry — the challenge of buying a dream home at the top end of the market. Prestige properties have been relatively

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