The Rise of the Granny Flat

Granny flats are increasing in popularity due to their worth as a high yielding cash cow and as a smart way to enter the investment market. Thanks to government policy reviews, we have seen a building frenzy of granny flats across the nation due to increased demand and changing demographics. Driven mainly by soaring property

Buying bulk – Apartment blocks in Sydney’s East

Investors are scrambling to buy entire apartment blocks to renovate in Sydney’s eastern suburbs making them a great long-term investment but difficult to find. Back in 2015 we saw the emerging trend of buying an entire block of apartments and the renovation of each of its units to either rent them out or sell them

How Do Lenders Figure out How Much I Can Afford?

Your Borrowing Power May Not Be as High as You Think Before you start looking for a new home, you must ask yourself “how much can I afford to spend on a property”? It’s a key question because starting your search unprepared will lead to disappointment. You’ll find what seems like the perfect property for

How the First Home Owners Grant Could Help You

Everything You Need to Know About Claiming and Using the First Home Owners Grant When you ask yourself “how much can I afford to spend on a property?”, one of the first things you must consider is how much money you have to cover the upfront fees. You’ll need to pay a deposit, mortgage fees,

10 Awesome Tips for Cutting Your Mortgage Costs

Use These Tips to Make Your Home Loan More Manageable Working with a buyer’s agent in Sydney will help ensure you get good value for the home that you bought. However, you’re also going to have to put some thought into how you’ll repay your mortgage. For example, you could ask yourself what are the

Melbourne’s Lower-End Properties Showing Growth

Melbourne’s lower-end properties are showing strong capital growth presenting opportunities for savvy investors. The Australian recently reported that Sydney’s luxury residential real estate is a better earner than mid-range and budget property but the reverse is the case in Melbourne. According to new CoreLogic data, the top 25 percent of Sydney real estate recorded strong

Ticking off the Pre-Purchase Inspection Checklist

The ‘buyers beware’ culture of the property industry means that the responsibility falls squarely on the buyer to ensure that all inspections, paperwork and reports are in order before a sale goes ahead. Potential buyers attending open house inspections will usually know pretty quickly whether it is the right property for them. The first impression

The Enduring Popularity of the Californian Bungalow

The definitive style of the California Bungalow remains popular with Aussie families and lends itself well to a modern makeover while still retaining its classic characteristics. The Californian Bungalow, also affectionately known as the ‘Cal Bung’ became one of Australia’s most popular forms of housing in the 1920s shifting away from the architectural influences of

4 Tips for Choosing The Right Home Loan

Choosing the Right Home Loan Could Save You Thousands of Dollars While your buyer’s agent in Sydney can help you find the perfect home, you need to make sure you have the money to pay for it. That’s where securing a home loan comes into play. Australia has many lenders, all of whom offer an

Make Your Buying Agent’s Life Easier

You’ll Get the Home of Your Dreams If You Avoid these Mistakes Working with buyer’s agents in Sydney and Melbourne offers a lot of benefits. They can help you with auction bidding tactics. They’ll also guide you through the home buying process. There are several things you may do that could slow down the entire

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