20 Home Ownership Costs That You Don’t Know About

On the surface, it seems that the costs relating to buying property are quite simple to understand. But there are many costs hiding below the surface that you need to know about. It feels like you’ve done all of your homework. You’ve spoken to lenders to answer the question “how much can I afford to

The Secrets to Buying Off-Market Property

Off-market properties offer several advantages to buyers. However, you have to find them first. Let’s look at the secrets to buying off-market property. There are so many ways for you to buy property. You could go the traditional route. That involves looking through listings and competing with other buyers. Sellers have all of the power

Property Investment vs. The Stock Market

Once you’re in a stable financial position, investing becomes an option. You have several choices available. Here’s a comparison of buying an investment property and investing in stocks. As you get older, you start looking towards the future. Not so much yours, though having enough money for a stable retirement is very important. Instead, you

Ten Tips That Guarantee a High Annual Yield

For most, property is a long-term investment. Your annual yield determines what you can do with the property and other investments. These tips will help you to improve rental yield. Why is property a great investment? It’s a question that everybody asks themselves when they’re preparing for their futures. There are so many investment options

10 Secrets to Attract More Tenants to Your Investment Property

Everything a property investor does should have the aim of attracting more or better tenants. Here are the secrets that will help you to find tenants and increase rental yields. Every property investor asks the same question at the beginning of their journey. Should I invest for growth or yield when buying a property? If

Property Investing: Avoid These Mistakes

Investing in property may be your path to long-term financial success. However, you must avoid the common property investment mistakes that trip many novice investors up. Once you’ve established yourself in your career and begin earning a strong income, you may consider investing. When done well, investing can set you up for a comfortable retirement.

The Hidden Costs of Getting a Mortgage

The price of your property isn’t the only thing you need to consider when getting a mortgage. There are many hidden costs of getting a mortgage that may trip you up. So you’ve scrimped and saved, and you finally feel ready to apply for a mortgage. You may even have your eye on a couple

Make Your Equity Work For You

Equity is as good if not better than real money when it comes to purchasing property. Instead of daydreaming about winning millions through lotto with the odds squarely stacked against you, more Australians could be putting the equity that’s lying dormant in their own home to good use. It’s definitely a neglected goldmine and one

Recipe for Property Investment Success

Whether we are being held back by fear or lifestyle choices, more Australians should be considering investing in a property portfolio to secure their financial future. It wouldn’t be a huge assumption to say that most of us would retire as early as possible if we had the chance. So why aren’t more Australians investing

8 Reasons Why Christmas is the Best Time to Buy

Don’t wait until late January like everyone else to start looking for property. This December take advantage of less competition to grab yourself a great property at a bargain price. As if we are not busy enough during the year, December comes along with the mad whirl of parties, shopping for presents, preparing family lunches

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